Changing Communities

Art enriches the physical, economic, social and cultural elements of a community. Towns and cities are harnessing the power of art to improve their landscapes and build stronger inter-community connections. I have been working with towns and organizations to discover how my work can help them to grow. Learn more about my recent work in Waskom, Texas and contact me to explore how we might work together to bring about change in your community.

Transforming Schools

Striking images and bold colors transform a plain area into a learning space that engages the mind, body and spirit. Since 2013, I have completed 89+ projects at more than 25 Schools in Northwest Louisiana. Several of these projects include 3 dimensional aspects and also large sculptured pieces. Contact me to learn how we could work together to make your school environment unique and celebrate your school’s spirit.

Giving Back

God has given me a Gift and a Talent, and I want to bring Color into the community and the World! In the end I believe it is about causing a ripple in the pond of life. It’s about being that one pebble that strikes the quiet surface and sends out ripples to touch everything around me on all sides. Join me in giving back to those in need!