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I have been an Artist all my life. I started Opp Art in 1975. Through the years I have preformed Artwork, Design, Murals, Sculptures throughout the US. I came to Louisiana in 1999 to complete all the Speciality Art at the Hollywood Casino. Then in 2004 I completed all the Artwork at the Evangeline Downs Racetrack/Casino in Opeslousas. In 2006 Eldorado Casino brought me to Shreveport to complete all the Speciality Art, to transform the Hollywood Theme to the Eldorado Theme. In 2006 I moved to Shreveport, then in 2007 to Bossier City, where I currently reside.

I have completed major Murals, Artwork and Remodeling throughout the United States. I’m a self taught Artist, that was given a talent by God to be the best and most diverse Artist. I have completed the most Hand-Painted Murals in Western Louisiana since 2000. To date it will be over 300 Wall Art Projects just in the ArkLaTex area. From California to New York, I have completed over 400 Restaurant Projects and more than 20 Casino Projects from Arizona to Aruba. Chris is included in the 2020 Who’s Who in America.

Michael G. Wallace of Albuquerque, Designer & Art Director

In Albuquerque, New Mexico I completed the largest Public Art Project for AMAFCA Calabacillas Arroyo in 1998, which consisted of 372 fabricated Dinosaur Bones, made from styrofoam and coated with concrete, then were attached to the Arroyo Walls. T-Rex alone is 30 feet tall and 150 feet in length.

Since 2013, I have completed 35+ projects at more than 25 Schools in Shreveport and Bossier City. Several of these projects include 3 dimensional aspects and also large sculptured pieces. I have also worked on seven movie location sets in Louisiana: Hot Pursuit 2015, I Saw The Light 2015, Dark Places 2015, Chainsaw 2015, The Longshots 2008, Escape (Moonbot Studios Animation).

God has given me a Gift and a Talent, and I want to bring Color into the community and the World! In the end I believe it is about causing a ripple in the pond of life. It’s about being that one pebble that strikes the quiet surface and sends out ripples to touch everything around me on all sides. Color can do that in people’s lives. As my friend Blake (scenic and sculpture artist, Alaskan traveler) said, “Chris you are all over Shreveport & Bossier City with your art, everywhere I look I see a building with your Art!”

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Chris was recognized by the Parish of Caddo in 2019

” … Mr. Chris Opp, the Artistic Shark, has worked to enrich the physical, economic, social and cultural elements of Caddo Parish. Towns and cities are harnessing the power of art to improve their landscapes and build stronger inter-community connections, …”
Pictured is Chris with Caddo Commissioner Mario Chavez.

Art Show

Chris’s art was featured in an exhibit in the East Bank District the summer of 2019, including “An Evening of Art with Chris Opp”.  Check out more News on Chris’s latest accomplishments.


Chris enjoys connecting to nature and deeply loves his family. 2021 was a great year for both! Take a look at the wedding of his beautiful daughter in the Phoenix Mountains and Chris camping in his cross-country travels. In 2022, the adventures continue as he took his grandchildren cross country and said goodbye to Miss Angel (2/2007-4/2022) “A True Companion”.

Take a look at Chris at work in this photo slideshow…

Chris expanding his artistic skills with glass blowing. He is an Artistic Shark! They even featured his glassblown shark in a 2022 magazine ad.

Chris painting on Canvas over the years…