Giving Back

Chris has dedicated his life to giving back to his community and his friends through the talents he was blessed with. If you look closely at his work you will find symbols of the many things he cares about. There have been key moments that have not only affected his decisions but defined his life.


Adventures with Nolan

In 2006 Nolan Hunter Johnson, Grandson of my dear Friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had his first Cancer Surgery to remove his left lower leg. Nolan Hunter Johnson left this earth in 2010 after three major Cancer Surgeries, two days before his 6th Birthday. He wanted to be “Shark Boy” the last two weeks of his life on this earth. So, with the drawing that Nolan drew, I came up with the Design of “Nolan as Shark Boy.” My Friends Son Eric Johnson, Nolan’s Father, left this earth in 2014 after battling Metastatic Melanoma Cancer. So, I dedicated the Viking at Airline High School, “Eric the Warrior” on the right of my Wall Art Project in 2014 to a “Great Warrior” and my Best friends Son!


The adventures with Nolan have created sustained memories for Chris. He painted this Chicken Little Mural in Nolan’s room. After Chris left, Nolan asked, “When is Chris coming back? He forgot to paint the eyebrows on the Martians.” Chris came back later and added the eyebrows for Nolan.


A Heart for Veterans

Chris met Dolores Barbee in 2016 after completing a project at a local school. Their conversation moved him to Give Back to some military veterans in a very heartfelt way. Dolores shares, “My name is Dolores Barbee, I am the founder and director of A Soldiers Heart – an American Legend with Veterans for Veterans. This is a volunteer group helping our wounded and homeless Veterans. I also work as a school bus driver for Bossier Parish School Board and this is how I became to know Chris Opp, the Artistic Shark. Mr. Opp was painting a mural on the building of the middle school and every day for about a week I would pull into the school and I watch Mr. Opp painting and then one day he was gone and this beautiful flag and eagle were left. I was amazed. The mural said it all. I had been looking for an artist to do a couple paintings for me and then and there knew God had opened a door. There are two of our Veterans who have Traumatic Brain Injury. They were never given a Purple Heart as they didn’t shed a drop of blood, this is per the government’s qualification to receive one. I contacted Mr. Opp and explained my idea to him and what I wanted. One of these Veterans ended his career after 12 years due to TBI received in combat in Afghanistan and the other had served several times in Afghanistan. A couple of days after coming home from the effects of TBI, he was killed by a drunk driver as he was walking home from a friend’s house. I asked Mr. Opp to paint the flag as it flew with the picture of the Purple Heart on it. I knew this was not an official medal, yet I wanted the families to know we were humbled by these men and their dedication to all Americans. I felt it was wrong of the government to turn their backs on them. Did they not realize that they may not have shed a drop of blood on the outside but the damage to them on the inside was crushing and mentally changing.

A couple of weeks after talking with Mr. Opp I went to see the paintings. His design and talent took my breath away. I never thought what I was seeing in my mind would ever be caught on canvas yet here it was. When you hear someone say a picture is worth a million words, believe me there weren’t enough words. Mr. Opp also donated these paintings to the families of these Veterans. There is never going to be enough words or ways to thank Mr. Opp, except to now that what his design has done is say all the words to these families and Veterans we could never express. Mr. Opp has humbled all of us and we are so blessed to have found him.” 


Working with Justin Haigler, pastor of The Simple Church in Shreveport, LA, on projects that give back to the community has been a great joy for Chris. Here are photos of a project that they did together at the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City, LA.

Chris has done numerous projects at The Simple Church as part of giving back to his community. One of his favorites was this Tinker Toy Set in December, 2014.

“Love Your City” is the focus of The Hub Ministry in downtown Shreveport on Cotton Street. Chris did this mural for them to help support spread their mission to give every person in our city access to a restored life.