500 Texas Street – Shreveport, LA

Summer, 2018 – Chris Opp did a re-design on a building (owned by Dicky Grieder) prominently located in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana. The design included Gold Panels sprayed with an automotive gold metallic paint, then topped with a copper and bronze pearl with a clear coat for the fade. He created and attached crown molding on the top of the building and window tops, sprayed with medium-brown. He designed and installed an 8 foot x 13 foot metal marquee sign placed above the “Mr. Natural” sign that is 5 foot x 9 foot, which he also created out of Duraply Board. He also did design on the building interior that included two 2,000 square foot loft apartments with a 400 square foot office entrance for each on the street floor.  There is a restaurant area located in the back of the building done in black & white, storage area with bronze roll-up door, and two other convenience stores.