Dinosaur Bones – Albuquerque, NM

The Calabacillas Arroyo on the west side of Albuquerque, New Mexico empties into the Rio Grande about a half mile north of Paseo del Norte. It is the largest arroyo on the west side of the Rio Grande in this area, having a length of nearly 17 miles and a watershed of nearly 77 square miles. AMAFCA has stabilized the critical lower part of the arroyo’s channel.

In 1998, working with a team of artists, I worked to complete the largest Public Art Project for AMAFCA Calabacillas Arroyo, which consisted of 372 fabricated Dinosaur Bones, made from styrofoam and coated to concrete, that were then attached to the Arroyo Walls. T-Rex alone is 30 feet tall and 150 feet in length.

To learn more about this project visit https://amafca.org/calabacillas-arroyo-flood-control-artwork-fossils-and-art-poster/.



Michael G. Wallace of Albuquerque, Designer & Art Director