Over the years, Chris has created eight trees in public locations: Branton Indoor & Outdoor, Bossier City, LA (two trees); Do Good Store/ Louisiana Boardwalk, Bossier City, LA (Has since been torn down when they moved locations); University Elementary School, Shreveport, LA; Turner Elementary/Middle School, Shreveport, LA (two 20ft. trees); Waskom Public Library, Waskom, TX; All About Trees, Waskom, TX. Most recently he designed a tree in a family playroom themed Lions Den. These trees are not only a signature for the property but also an interactive experience for all those who encounter the space. To see how the trees are made, view the image below.

“Trees are rare on farmland. In the golden humidity of a July afternoon, heat shimmers unmercifully amongst lush, near-ripened wheat. Standing tall, one lone tree, with deep green pointed leaves, spreads a shaded canopy in one corner of a pasture. It offers cool, dappled respite. Trees have long been oases for people and animals. They also have been both lethal and life-saving. Targets of deadly lightning bolts, but also promises of comfort to weary and overheated animals, trees embody a paradox of life and death, a reflection of the tree in Eden-markers of both eternal life and our fall. We also recognize this paradox in the tree of Christ’s crucifixion. That cross marked shame, disgrace, and death for criminals–a curse if there ever was one. At the same time, it marks for us true righteousness, an intercession by Christ, who took on the sins comingled with such blessed hope and comfort. Rare, impossible indeed, are irrevocable curses undone by one man’s hanging on a tree.” (an excerpt from PORTALS OF PRAYER, Concordia Press Devotional)

Chris’s artistic skills tie him to his deep rooted faith in Jesus. He relates the Giving Tree to Jesus life as he was born in a wooden manger, trained by Joseph as a carpenter, and then nailed to a wooden cross in his crucifixion. 



Design for Shreveport Aquarium that is worn by staff on their shirts.

What goes into the making of 3D Tree?