Transforming A Community

The work of Chris Opp is changing the small town of Waskom, Texas and it all began with a mural in 2017 called The Great American Mural that was commissioned by Bill Ledger, a local business owner.  That mural, along with the energy of the members of the community, began a spark that would ignite a desire to see even more Art that would begin to transform that community.  As 2017 came to a close, Chris had completed two patriotic murals the full length of the buildings where they are located along Highway 80 that runs through town and began a project commissioned by the Mayor of Waskom to capture the history of the town.

The Waskom Public Library project brought history, art and education together on the inside and outside of the city’s Public Library including a 6′ Armadillo and floor to ceiling Learning Tree. Outside the building Chris created a 3D set of books the height of the building, a stand-alone train where people can walk up a set of steps to then take a photo in the conductor’s window, and finally captured the history and importance of the Texas and Pacific Railroad with the exterior facade of a train station. On any given day, you will find people stopped along Highway 80 to take photos of and with the murals.

The latest project was creating his largest tree yet along the outside of the “All About Trees” company building in Waskom, just across Highway 80 from the Waskom Public Library.

Chris believes this is only the beginning of even more projects along Highway 80 and throughout the City of Waskom that will capture the patriotic spirit of this historic community that is the Gateway to Texas from the East. Check back soon to see more updates and images from this exciting project!