Tubbs Hardware & Rental – Bossier, LA

Chris Opp has done many projects for Don Tubbs at Tubbs Hardware capturing the story and images of the Tubbs family. Mardi Gras is an important element in the fabric of Louisiana and Tubbs plays an important role in providing the community and visitors to Shreveport-Bossier with all the elements they need to celebrate. Chris designed the “gator” that has become the key element to the company’s advertising campaign. It is featured on highway billboards, print ads and more. No visit to Shreveport is complete without a stop at Tubbs Hardware in Bossier City, Louisiana.

In 2022, Don hired Chris to top off all the projects with an American Flag roof that could be seen by the B-52 pilots flying over from Barksdale Air Force Base with “In God We Trust” and “We the People” on their flight path through Benton, Louisiana.

Wall aging and signage inside the store:

The King Cake Baby is a prized find in a King Cake and part of a long Louisiana tradition. Chris designed this King Cake Baby selfie for Tubbs in 2019 for Mardi Gras Season.

Below the King Cake Baby is a gallery of photos from Chris’s latest project in late 2019 of the Tubbs family, a 12 inch x 14 foot mural. Charlie Grace Hays helped Chris paint the alligator and chickens. She is a budding artist in the making.

The Tubbs Family mural shows the family members doing all the things they enjoy!

Tubbs Hardware & Rental is a vast business with many elements that delivers excellent service and quality products to individuals and businesses locally, regionally and around the world. Chris has helped the Tubbs family to build a lasting brand with his artwork.